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DNS delegation of n.ns.at updated:


2n.ns.at.at.ns9.univie.ac.at. ns2.univie.ac.at. u.ns.at. r.ns.at. j.ns.at. d.ns.at. n.ns.at. ns1.univie.ac.at.
We pick l.root-servers.net, one of the 13 root servers (1), and ask it about n.ns.at and learn that at is delegated to eight name servers (2), so we ask ns9.univie.ac.at and get the following answer:

Authoritative answer

ANSWER for n.ns.at.
n.ns.at.172800RRSIG\# 150 001c08030002a300588894ea5875139485e9026174007973efc85ef07ea66ff17e40e672135dae3360c3b758c4b0aff2d8f7311da0443f4ba9e13887af084ea51035040db379e846a4540f56afd86016ddfe84a2df6e3f37fae2454f6f14969d0c53836cd091cc5da5df3d6d2448c36d02526d63e47c9bae809d3ac75dcc2502658aac4abbdcd053ec8635e792e8e1137dcbfa03dd20
172800 AAAA2a02:568:281::130 n.ns.at points to 2a02:568:281::130.
172800RRSIG\# 150 000108030002a300588eed6e587b72d685e902617400c765d11a8efac8bc0f97667572ff2e51a26d121c6c4e9cc8702e0d6b9ce60567bee354aa9a06df5a1c3a059eb385cdf99d288e6f8efb514e72166f7e31cc9790be06ac744c2be59b482723ee290cdf8c6068e53eb470ca6b3707ebe997d4d2844ee2d0511d2cf11115a4d028e3eb960bf02613376aac350164580ce9d0573e76
172800 A81.91.173.130 n.ns.at points to
AUTHORITATIVE for n.ns.at.
at.172800 NS r.ns.at. at use r.ns.at as name server.
172800 NS u.ns.at. at use u.ns.at as name server.
172800 NS d.ns.at. at use d.ns.at as name server.
172800 NS ns2.univie.ac.at. at use ns2.univie.ac.at as name server.
172800 NS ns1.univie.ac.at. at use ns1.univie.ac.at as name server.
172800 NS ns9.univie.ac.at. at use ns9.univie.ac.at as name server.
172800 NS j.ns.at. at use j.ns.at as name server.
172800 NS n.ns.at. at use n.ns.at as name server.
ADDITIONAL for n.ns.at.
d.ns.at.172800 A81.91.161.98
j.ns.at.172800 A194.146.106.50
r.ns.at.172800 A194.0.25.10
u.ns.at.172800 A195.66.241.82
d.ns.at.172800 AAAA2a02:568:20:1::d
j.ns.at.172800 AAAA2001:67c:1010:12::53
r.ns.at.172800 AAAA2001:678:20::10

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